US Presidential Elections

We are already heading into the midterm elections and inquiring minds are already sorting out who they think might run for President in 2020.

With all the rhetoric and divisive politics going on these days, especially on the Republican side, it is no wonder that the potential for Democratic candidates to run are many. As far as Republicans, well, we can bank on the current president running again, but I'm not so sure which member of his Republican party will be bravely objective enough to stand up and fight against him ?

These two very partisan parties cannot seem to work together for the greater good of our nation. Instead, the Republicans are vehemently trying to push policies through that Democrats do not agree with, and with Republicans running the house and senate now, it is a disaster in the making for America's future.

Democrats can easily be described as the people for the common man. Republicans, on the other hand, seem to be only for the upper-class Americans. Promises of tax breaks for all have only benefited the wealthy under this president and his party. Republicans seem to now be trying to lower the deficit by cutting Medicare and Medicaid expenses from the middle-class. So, where will our fate lay in two more years when it is time to vote for the president once again ?

Hopefully, there will be some honest candidates from both parties stepping up to try and fight for the position of running this country. We need a president that is willing to work in a bi-partisan way with the other party. We need a president without the mindset to bully and divide but bring us all together and mend the racism and bigotry that we are witnessing today.

As I said before, there seems to be a proper number of Democrats that will step up to defeat this current president in 2020. Some names that have been thrown out there as possibilities are: Senator Elizabeth Warren, who from what I understand will be running. Senator Kamala Harris is also another one who has been inconspicuous with her thoughts on running, yet all assume she will. Also, their colleague Senator Cory Booker. Neither Booker or Harris bringing their presidential bids forward just yet, but Americans are anticipating future announcements from both as we observe the obvious tones of their actions as of lately. Then, we have the maybe candidates with former Vice President Joe Biden, and, of course, everyone's favorite, Senator Bernie Sanders. And these are just a select few with obvious agendas that they would like to bring forward to help Americans. However, there are a few more I haven't mentioned that are out of the realm of politics and I'll leave them in the shadows for now.

When it comes to the Republican side of the future elections, who knows who will step up and step out taking that chance to renew a party’s name and adjust an agenda that will work for all parties of people, not just a one-sided view. Some Republican names that have been tossed around for 2020 are Senator Jeff Flake, Senator Ben Sasse, and Senator Ted Cruz. However, you could almost hear a pin drop on who will make it a gamechanger in 2020, it is clear that no one on this side is admitting to thinking about running or obligating themselves to do so.

This anticipated race is still two years away, but the fight starts early. Sooner rather than later, I expect to see the ones who are serious for a brighter future, come forth and be heard. Until then, we must pay attention to the playing field and get an understanding of the values we hold dear here in America. If we want to be a unified country, we must vote now in the current midterm races and two years from now when we will either continue to be swallowed up by rhetoric and division or decide to revert back to making progress among a diversified America.